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Continuous Pathways Foundation


Helping to sustain a pathway in a new world with a hand on the past & an eye on the future.

The Continuous Pathways Foundation’s goal is to build and maintain a healthy community in mind, body & spirit. The Foundation’s core values address the lasting impact that programmatic support will bring to tribal members & the region. Through the Foundation we are working to ensure the health & wellness of our people & the region in order that we continue to sustain ourselves through self-governance, economic independence, cultural continuity, & cultural and physical wholeness & health. The Foundation was established in 2013 & incorporated in the State of New Mexico as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, charitable foundation.

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Poeh Cultural Center & Museum


Changing Exhibitions | Hands-On Education | Outreach Programs

Like all Tewa Pueblos of Northern New Mexico, The Pueblo of Pojoaque (Po’su wae geh) was systematically stripped of its heritage, culture and traditions by European contact in the sixteenth century. The Pueblo of Pojoaque is revitalizing their traditions in part through the efforts of the Poeh Center’s mission to teach their native language, traditional song and dance, and material culture.

Since its inception, the Center’s mission has been to Support the future of Pueblo people by: Teaching the arts, Collecting great works of art, and Promoting public under-standing of, and respect for, Pueblo history and culture.

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Youth Hoop Dancers


The Hoop Represents the circle of life – having no beginning or end. Designs the dancer creates reflect the many lifeforms such as the butterfly, eagle or world itself.

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Come for the many food and entertainment venues and fall in love with the traditional culture and arts. Pojoaque is not only a tourism destination but a local community made of Native American culture dating back centuries.

Pojoaque or “Po-suwae-geh Owingeh” meaning water gathering place.

We continue our traditions and practice our culture in these contemporary times. For those things that have been lost or forgotten, we attempt to bring them back and further strengthen the foundation of who we are and where we come from. We learn and adapt; accomplish and progress. Pojoaque is located just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Located 15 minutes north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.