Payment by Credit Card

1. Click Button to Payment LINK.

2. Enter PAYMENT Details.
(Enter “The Amount You Pay” total which includes online service fee, please see List of Fees table.)

List of Fees

Common Infractions (if you are not sure what your fine is, please call 505-455-2271 during business hours)

Speeding 1-10:$76
Speeding 11-15:$91
Speeding 16-20:$126
Speeding 21-25:$161
Speeding 26-30:$186
Speeding 31-35:$211
Speeding 36+:$261
Speeding 1-10 Safety Corridor:$91
Speeding 11-15 Safety Corridor:$121
Speeding 16-20 Safety Corridor:$191
Speeding 21-25 Safety Corridor:$261
Speeding 26-30 Safety Corridor:$311
Speeding 31-35 Safety Corridor:$361
Speeding 36+ Safety Corridor:$461
Stop/Yield Sign:$71
No Insurance:$150
No Registration:$150
Open Container:$86
Driver to be Licensed:$150
Suspended/Revoked Driver’s License:Attend Court